Who are we?

Just like many of you, we were once newcomers to this incredible sport, filled with passion but struggling to find our way. We remember those frustrating moments when progress seemed elusive, and the lack of expert knowledge left us feeling stuck. We knew deep down that calisthenics had the power to transform our bodies and minds, but we needed guidance and support to truly unlock our potential.

Alex Nguen

I have been a professional Calisthenics and Street Workout athlete since 2018, and with time passing, I realized that it is my true passion. My main goal every day is to be better than the person I was yesterday in order to become the best possible version of myself. This mindset along with my passion brought me to the world stage of Calisthenics and Street Workout, but the moment I was really hooked with the sport is when I started sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years to help others turn their goals into reality and unleash their potential.

Jasmina Svilenova

My entire life has revolved around the gym. From childhood, I’ve trained in various disciplines like dancing, acrobatics, swimming, diving, and ultimately found my passion in Street Fitness. Over the past eight years, it has become my way of life, and I’m eager to share my knowledge with those seeking a starting point.
With every step I took on the sports field, I knew this was my lifelong commitment. The gym has shaped me, and now I want to shape others. I’ve accumulated years of experience and expertise, and it’s time to guide those who wonder how to begin their own fitness journey.
My burning desire is to inspire and guide others. Fitness isn’t just a fleeting interest; it’s an enduring commitment. Let me be the source of motivation, sharing my wisdom to help others embrace a life of strength, vitality, and unwavering dedication.f